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  • What is property styling with Capstone?
    Property Styling is different to Interior Design. When you engage Capstone to design a styling package for your home, you are engaging professional stylists who are knowledgeable and experienced in Real Estate and know how to bring out a properties full potential that will help your property reach it's optimum selling price.
  • Does property styling work?
    Nothing appeals more to a buyer than a clean and defined space without all the clutter and personal effects of the current owner. This helps the potential buyer create an emotional attachment to your property which leads to a faster sale and often for more. Our results show property styling contributed to an average selling price 7-12% vs unstyled and we assisted the selling of the property 50% faster than market average for the area (based on RP Data figures).
  • Why should I get my home styled for sale?
    First impressions are everything. To get the best possible result, you need to present your property in the best possible light. We know exactly how to create a welcoming, desirable atmosphere that makes the most of your home’s best architectural features, and shifts attention away from any minor imperfections. Property styling answers the visual and spatial questions buyers have when entering an empty home - we fully furnish so that they can imagine what it would be like to live there.
  • Can I expect an increased sale price from styling?
    Absolutely. Creating the right story around your home has emotional appeal. A style that matches the aesthetic of the area, the building itself, and the target buyer's lifestyle aspirations can significantly increase the sale price of a property.
  • Is styling a necessary expense? I'm already paying my agent comission...
    Property styling is focused on generating a return on your investment. A 2018 study of real estate agents revealed: - 98% of agents believe that styling your property to sell can help achieve a higher sales price. - 83% of top agents believe styling can add over 5% to your property’s sale value. So if you had a property worth $800,000 that's an additional $40,000. -88% believed it triggered multiple offers through private treaty and more bidders on auction day.
  • What if the styling isn't to my taste?
    Styling to sell is about projecting a lifestyle - but not necessarily your lifestyle. The most important thing to remember when styling a home with the goal of selling is to remove yourself and your family from the picture. Once you decide to sell your house it’s important for you to see it as an ‘item’ for sale. You need to mentally start moving out ASAP and prepare your home for the next owner. It is our business to understand property market demographics and make sure that the styling of your home appeals to the broadest range of buyers possible. We specialise in tailoring our work to suit your property type, architectural style and your future buyer’s aspirations.
  • What are your payment terms?
    Full payment is due at least 48 hours prior to installation.
  • Where can I find your Terms & Conditions?
    The full list of Terms & Conditions can be found in this document
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